Arica Brown - Founder, Artistic Director, Educator and Resident ChoreographerArica.html
Carl Oberle - Technical Director and Production ManagerCarl_Oberle.html
Katie Ingram - Repetiteur and Rehearsal DirectorKatie.html
Charlotte Bergstrom - Choreologist and Rehearsal DirectorLottie.html
Raii Morehead - Dancer, Choreographer and Company EducatorRaii.html
Amanda Erickson - Company DancerAmanda_Erickson.html
Christa Frisella - Ballet EducatorChrista_Frisella.html
Sara Perry - Dancer and EducatorSara_Perry.html
Mary O’Brien - Dancer and Educator Mary_OBrien.html
Audrey Simes- Choreographer and Company EducatorAudrey_Simes.html
Kelli Triplett - Choreographer and DancerKelli_Triplett.html
Jessica Bruce - Company DancerJessica_Bruce.html
Isabel Pastrana - Company Dancer Isabel.html
Hilary Colyer - Company DancerHilary.html
Natalie Benjamin - Company DancerNatalie.html
Ryan Scott - Company DancerRyan_Curtis.html
Alix Black - Company DancerAlix_Black.html